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SSRx Review
Kelli Boler

I didn’t have needs for a pharmacy service, until I had a stroke. After I had my stroke, my doctor suggested Southern Star Pharmacy, which I chose. Several months later, I didn’t realize the difference it has made since Southern Star Pharmacy. They handle all of my pharmaceutical, prescription needs! This service, starts with and requires an appointment with my doctor. After I see my doctor, they will call the pharmacy for the prescribed medication(s). The pharmacy will then call the patient for the initial set up and pertinent information (ie: patients name, address, phone # (VERY IMPORTANT!)), etc). Once the initial set up, the medication will be hand delivered to the patient within hours. (How great is that!!) The pharmaceutical staff is very professional, efficient and prompt (calling back with any question, profile changes, etc). My doctor and my pharmacy service does it all/EVERYTHING! No more remembering what and when the medication(s) is/are and or date due, if the patient drives (or has a car) to physically pick up the patients’ medication, etc. Thank You, for your service, and highly recommend Southern Star Pharmacy! What a WONDERFUL service you offer and have made in my life!! 🤗

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